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International Exchange 21 is a place to find out about exciting International events and parties in Tokyo.
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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the purpose of International Parties?
International Parties is for people who want to make new friends in Tokyo.   It is for people who want to increase their network of friends and contacts.  International parties are usually NOT a match making party, although if so, it is usually stated in their respective advertisements.  The ultimate goal is to make new friends!
How many people usually attends the parties?
Depending on the party, between 100 and 250 people usually attends the parties.  Occasionally special parties are held where 600-800 people would attend. 
What types of people usually attends the parties?
Many people from different walks of life.  There are people working for Financial companies, Manufacturing, Academics, Artists, Musicians, and others.  Many people from different countries come to the party.  Americans, Europeans (England, Italy, France, Spain) and Asians (Korea, China, HK, Taiwan). and many others. Please note: Some parties restrict entrance. For example, some parties does not allow entrance for Japanese men or Foreign women. Please see the restrictions on respective websites.
What are the average age of the guests?
This depends on each party. Most parties have no restrictions.  Generally speaking, for the ladies, most are in the 20's and 30's.  For the men, most are in the 20's, 30's and 40's.
What are the dress codes?  Do I need to dress up?
Most parties do not have dress codes, unless specified.
I don't speak Japanese ( or English)?
Unless specified, it doesn't matter!  A lot of the foreigners speak English and a lot of the Japanese speak English and other languages.
Can I come alone?  Do I need to bring a friend?
Yes, many people do come alone.  It's more fun if you bring your friends! Roughly 30-40% of the people come alone.
Do I need to register for the party?
This depends on the party. For most parties, reservation is not required but there are instances where too many people show up for the party.  If you register you are guaranteed a spot.
How often are parties held?
Most organizations hold monthly parties.  Some organizations have 2 parties in one month.  Please check the website periodically for the latest information.
Where is the party?
Parties are held throughout Tokyo. The most common areas are Shibuya, Shinjuku, Sangenjaya or Roppongi . Please see the respective parties for actual locations.